Thursday, April 08, 2010

Is Intelligent Design Blasphemous ??

I have long held that it is bad theology, but blasphemy... I had not thought about that. That is because Dr. Hess beat me to the punch.

The money quotes for me are here,
What are the central theological failings of intelligent design? First, it is blasphemous. Intelligent design constrains God to work within the limits of what its adherents can understand about nature. In so doing it reduces God from the status of creator to that of mere designer, and not a very competent one at that, as suggested by George Levine...


Intelligent design cannot allow that evolution is the process chosen by God for the unfolding of the universe, entrusting to it its own integrity. ID seems incapable of recognizing the possibility that God remains hidden, indiscernible behind the veil of nature. If we accept the idea of creation, we should also accept the idea of the integrity and autonomy of what is created.
I believe God uses natural processes, but let's not force round pegs in square holes because our interpretation ability is limited.