Friday, June 10, 2005

#%! Spanish Inquision

It is not often for me that a Star Trek quote accurately summerizes my feelings. The lines delivered were the movie where our heroes had gone back in time to save the whales. Silly green plot, but a fun movie anyway. At this particular moment, Bones was standing in the elevator with a couple of physicians discussing chemotherapy (or was it radiation?). "Do you have a differing opinion, Doctor?" And old Doctor 'Bones' McCoy says with usual tact, "God Damn Spanish Inquision".

Perhaps many of you know this story anyway. There is a girl in Texas with cancer. Some doctors, who think very highly of themselves, think she needs radiation therapy. Her parents disagree. In a normal sane society people can respect others opinions. It is not as if her parents are neglectful. They simply disagree.

And so what does the state do? It steps in 'to save her life'. After all, it is 'for the children'; who could disagree? Think of the children! Never mind that this precident give the power to the government to give you (at the moment, just our children) whatever medical treatment it sees fit, just as long as it is for our good. Well, for our good in their opinion.

Since when are any who disagree with a common opinion second-class citizens? Are dissenting opnions not allowed? Freedom of speech is offically protected, you just aren't allowed any dissenting opinions.

Honestly, this is a huge worry to me. What if the government wants to give my children some vaccines I do not consider safe, or drugs I disagree with, or some little RFID chip I am opposed to? Would they then turn my kids over to my neglectful ex? Just because I did not give into their desires? What ever happened to the 'land of the free'?

Thus far, the state has seized the child, and used the "Amber Alert" to do it. At least there is some public outcry. Let us see if she is returned and if she continues to improve.

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