Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fishy Influenza

Something funky is going on with this bird flu and it isn't making me laugh. All of the sudden, we are warned, threatened, and sacred that this particular virus will jump to humans and become this ultra-deadly killer, that must be stopped at all costs.


Why should I expect this particular flu to be a threat, more so than others? Suddenly, the flu is a huge public health hazard. What about years past? Why is it suddenly a health hazard? Is it just pharmacutical companies selling vaccines? or is it government planning something? I have to confess, I think it odd, that we suddenly need a flu pandemic plan. There have been plans worked out before for national medical emergencies, for small pox for instance. But now they are preparing us to get used to travel restrictions, and other things 'necessary' to stop the flu, "for our good".

If it wasn't essential for real pandemics in the past, ie. the 1918 flu pandemic, why now? Simple, because now they can get away with it. Is it that simple? We shall see.

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