Thursday, April 27, 2006

Taking Evolution... Seriously

I have been on a kick to understand the Creation lately, and so I have been studying Evolution quite a bit. Hitherto, I had avoided it. Not because of heavy theological leanings mostly, but because biology was one of those branches of science I just did not care for. Too many darned exceptions. Well, as I studied it, I came to the conclusion it must have happened.

That in itself, is quite unremarkable for most people, and unworthy of even my blog-space. But the idea that came after it is much more interesting. Ok, a few facts to get us started.

First, evolution tends to happen in great bursts, especially after massive extinctions. This is what is called a punctured equilibrium. It is in many ways, not unlike the huge number of internet startups in the beginning of the internet revolution. In the end, relatively few survived. Those that survived, did so because they were the best adapted to the new environment. This included such beheamoths as Yahoo, Google, Ebay, and Amazon.

Now, I am no biologist, but I think we have a good theory here that we are not experimenting with sufficiently. Yes, I am proposing experimental evolution. We need to figure out how to artificially "puncture the equilibrium" and see what new biodiversity arises.

There are examples of this happening actually, to a very limited degree. But I think we need to seriously make an effort to make this an experimental science, and not just theoretical.

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