Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cracks in Relativity

As much as we venerate Albert Einstein, for quite a few years now it has been Relativity vs. Quantum Mechanics - and one of them (or both) just has to give. Many have favored rewriting QM because of the sheer strangeness of it. Still, when Old Albert tried to disprove QM's weirdness by experiment, we just ended up with a well proven even stranger experiment - the EPR experiment. I am not going to wax eloquent about the particulars here, but just some things to suggest Relativity will break long before Quantum will.

Possible Abnormality In Fundamental Building Block Of Einstein's Theory Of Relativity

This looks at possible Lorentz violation.... if it works you have really cut Einstein down to size.

Tunneling time measured

Bad news for Relativity: you know that instantaneous and simultaneous that doesn't really exist? Appearently tunneling really does take no time

Yet another suggestion of a preferred handed-ness to the Universe- this time in Galaxy rotation

Don't forget the Pioneer anomaly and other orbital anomalies! Or dark matter and dark energy! Or discrepencies between QM and Gen Relativity about vacuum energy density!

It has been a while since physics has had a real game-changing break-through.... and conditions are ripe!


Anthony E. Larson said...

The greatest challenge to both Einstien's Realtivity and Quantum Mechanics is the Electric Universe theory. That, in my view, is the game changing breakthrough you allude to. You may wish to read more about it at www.thunderbolts.info. It would be well worth your time.

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