Wednesday, April 20, 2005

It's ALIVE!!!

I don't expect anyone will read this.

No one at all. Any who stumble across it will surely find the latest news on Britney's baby to be more interesting. But, if this isn't too weird, technical, religious, or something else, for you, then you are an odd duck. Well, greetings fellow oddball.

The world, in reality, is much stranger than we generally realize. The laws of science are the parts that we have been able to make sense of. Little time is spent in class impressing on the freshmen just how much we don't know, or what loose ends and paradoxes are out there. But that interests me.

Conventional Medicine is not where the real breakthroughs are. All of modern medicine is incremental improvements to the status quo. Useful, but not revolutionary.

Religion, well, we can't blame God, is often made to seem dull and lifeless. But a deeper look into available texts, be they canon or not, reveal that there is a heck of a lot more to learn. And that reality is both far more counterintuitive and terrifying than your typical Sunday School lesson might suggest.

And so, I am attempting to see "things as they are", and that, I am convinced, is much stranger than fiction.

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