Monday, April 25, 2005


I struggled to decide what to quote here, as I see two (similiar in my mind) things to comment on, that i noticed on Ran Prieur's blog blog. First, he makes a point that new video games are awful and that we are going to see a crash in the video games market. Not really exciting, but it is the whys that catch my attention. Out world is becoming increasingly unoriginal. Movies are predictable. There is scarcely an old movie that has not been remade.

As our society becomes increasingly degenerate, (or simply, wicked), there is a corresponding dearth of originality, and honest imagination. I think that that is part of the reason Napoleon Dynamite did so well, it was, for all its other faults, completely original. You didn't know what was going to happen, because it didn't have a standard plot. My father, the literary one, couldn't even point to much of a plot. It is there, for sure, but not like the usual.

Interesting.... if part of our world collapses, then it will be replaced by something. I wonder what.

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