Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Alternative Medicine Links

My philosophy of medicine is that God gave you your body and He intends that you take care of it. Shifting all the responsibility to anybody else, even a good doctor is not right. It is our responsibility and any attempt to shunt it to somebody else will only result in disaster. Here are a few of the many alt medicine links I have and use. (If you need medical help, by all means get help. Used doctors if you need, but think for yourself. The responsibility is yours)

NewsTarget has current news on the alt medicine scene and is a good resource.

However, if you are trying to home in on just what is wrong with you, and how to deal with it, this is the place to go - Diagnose Me. I am hard-pressed to praise this site too highly. If you are not right on target, it will help you figure it out.

Now, if you want to use homeopathy, then an excellent resource, is Homeopathy International. The Books section is particularly worthwhile as many, many of the best and most useful titles are now in the public domain and have been put on computer. I have used these texts many times.


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