Monday, July 18, 2005

Slashdot | Ethanol More Trouble Than It's Worth?

Hmmm.... this is troubling. This is not what I expect, nor is it what I wanted. What ever reality throws at you, you have got it take it like it is. I have found that trying to force things my way doesn’t work well. The best solution to a problem is simple, and not necessarily the one you want. When it isn’t the one you want, let it go, and you will find while it may be painful, it is a good pain.

Ok, what is this all about? This is what I know, there is a debate brewing on the subject of whether Ethanol is feasible. An earlier study showed it to be moderately so, but a new study from what appears to be a pretty unbiased source, disputes that.

Certainly we can make it. That is well known, but is it an energy source or sink? There is a debate at Slashdot

And I had such hopes for ethanol. Here is the current article against... and the old arguement for.

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