Wednesday, July 27, 2005

I need a word

I have needed a word for some time now... and I am stymed. I need a word that means you come to the opposite conclusion after hearing someone's argument.

Case in point, it was reported today on the news, that the largest age segment of people viewing porn, was teenagers. Possible, I though, but rather suspect sounding. And what was the porn industry's response? Well, if they aren't doing it, they aren't interested. That has to be among the lamest bits of logic I have heard. Do these people not know what a nerd is? Or... ok, ok, I am not going to spend half an hour dissecting everything wrong with that argument. I don't know if the original study has merit or not, but I can tell you that the response to it incriminates them more, in my mind. BUT I NEED A WORD FOR IT!

It isn't just bad logic, or a non sequitur. It is so bad it makes you arrive at the opposite conclusion. But what is a word for it?

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