Monday, July 04, 2005

A Few Good Links


I have been meaning to do this for a while. So much of the material I examine isn't ideally cut-and-pasted into a blog, but they are still worth looking at.

Today, I have added a few links that regard non-mainstream searchs for energy sources.

ZP Energy is a good place to look for news, especially as regards zero-point energy. Zero-point Energy (or simply ZPE) would be removing excess energy from space-time itself. This would not really be perpetual motion (though that accusation is used alot) because it would have real effects, like changing space around it. It sounds strange, but it just may work.

LENR/CANR - Now, this is a place to go if you are serious about cold fusion. I would work on it myself, but I know enough to know I don't know enough (ok, the first thing) about comdensed matter physics, much less nuclear physics. But, if you want good scientific papers by the truck load on cold fusion, this is the place to go. And properly, it is called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, or Chemically Assisted Nuclear Reactions.

And if you want your news printed on a dead tree, you want Infinite Energy. This was the creation of the late Eugene Mallove and has many good articles on a wide variety of subjects pertaining to alt. energy. I don't agree with all of them, but you will see opinions and ideas here that you would never in a mainstream journal.

And more to come!!

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