Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Spat

Ok, I give up. I have to comment on this. I hate to do so because it smacks of celebrity worship, which I generally mock, but it is still interesting.

It seems that Tom Cruise has strong opinions of his own and has been speaking his mind. That in and of itself is quite unusual. I admit, I happened, by chance, to see the much talked about interview with Matt Lauer. And I can honestly say, I don’t remember when I found an interview half as amusing. Matt Lauer, of the Today Show is attempting to have a normal, don’t-upset-anyone interview and Tom Cruise is talking about the history of modern medicine and what works and doesn’t. It was hilarious as Matt trying to steer thing back to conventional waters and common wisdom and pretty-boy Cruise was dashing it all to pieces. Celebrities who are well informed and have unconventional opinions.... wow, what next?!? Frankly, many of his opinions I agree with. I am not sure I would take quite as strong stand as he does. I think that many of these drugs are crutches. And crutches are fine for a little while if you can get back on your own feet. Brook Shields, who was bickering with Tom on this, I think was right; she said she used them with post-partum depression and it worked for her. Perhaps there are better solutions, but I think these things to have a place. I think Cruise is right, however, about the relative importance of vitamins (and minerals, I would say) in actually curing people. Far too much time is spent simply on ‘treatment’.

Frankly, I expected this to die down, but it isn’t. It seems that other celebrities are joining the fight. How well informed they are, I don’t know, but I am a bit pessimistic. Still, debates on real subjects with unconventional ideas. What next? The Britney Spears guide to semiconductor physics was actually done by Britney?

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