Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Gay Men Respond Differently to Pheromones - Yahoo! News

Gay Men Respond Differently to Pheromones

Ok, I really don't have time to delve properly into this one, but it looks pretty interesting. What we have here is a reason, yet not a complete cop-out, though I am sure it will be portrayed that way. Now we have some good evidence that pheromones for humans exist, and that our response to them is helps create our sexual identity.

Now, I may offend some (I get used to that) but the responses in our mind may be changed. I am glad that that is not one of my struggles. (Mine are far the other direction, but mental none the less)

Now, the existence and use of pheromones needs to explored... That could be interesting.


pheromones said...

Hey SunGazer I was researching pheromones. This seems like a crazy idea. Can it really work?

pheromones cologne said...

SunGazer what is up with this pheromones to attract woman stuff? Has anyone tried it?