Friday, May 20, 2005

Sensible sunlight exposure

Sensible sunlight exposure prevents skin cancer; findings baffle old school doctors

I could have just as easily written Vitamin D May Help in Prostate Cancer though this one actually uses a pharmacutical vitamin D.

OK, what is my point? Sunlight is a little recognized nutrient. Maybe nutrient is not quite the right word, but it certainly something we need for proper health. What does sunlight do? I can tell you that I feel better and that I can tell (I know it sounds loony) that my ki is flowing better inside of me.

But let us be specific
It affects production of seretonin
It increases production of Lutienizing Hormone, and therefore, Testosterone, especially sunlight on the genitals.
It increases production endorphins - sunbathers achieve a mind high
And of course, Vitamin D, which many people are short on. I even appears that insufficient Vitamin D (best obtained by sunlight) may be a factor in obesity.

I don't have time tonight to wax eloquent on the benefits of sunlight, but I want to vent my irritation at the medical establishment for the paranoia it has promulgated about the dangers of UV damage. Sunlight is not the bane of existence. People have lived in the sunlight for thousands of years. The scourge of cancer is a relatively modern phenomena. And skin cancer is not correlated with decreased amounts of sunlight or UV. I am not saying sun burns are not bad. I am saying that sunlight is essential, and to say otherwise is bowing before the medical establishment at the cost of human health. Why is it that Big Medicine is not interested in our health. It isn't like I just made these points up. There are perfectly good papers written on it (look up your own references tonight). It is no secret, if you will just look at it without buying the party line. And there are dermatologist who say as much, and yet, by and large what the common man or woman hears is, 'Sunlight gives you wrinkles and skin cancer.'

We have GOT to think and research for ourselves.

Just a few links for your own research.

Full of even-weirder-than-usual New Age stuff, but enough good material to mention

Sunlight is the cure for everything from acne to Peace in the Middle East, oh, and we all should be nudists... ok, it goes TOO far once again, but has some material worth seeing.

Ok, this is a good site I think I can recommend without a dozen
caveats, though I will confess not to have read it all.

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