Monday, May 16, 2005

Sci-Fi Blog: "This Friday UPN will air the last episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, bringing the Star Trek franchise to an at least temporary end. Contrary to the Treekies claims that Star Trek provided an 'optimistic view of the future,' Star Trek has always been propaganda for democratic imperialism. Star Trek was based on the notion that an enlightened society had a right, and maybe even a duty, to bring freedom and equality to the unelightened. Of course, Star Trek's definition of an enlightened society was one with a democratic socialist state. In one of the movies we where even informed that money was abolished in the Trek universe since people had learned to work for the common good!"

Ok, I don't have time to delve into this one, but why is so much Sci-Fi pro-Big Government? By Sci-fi, I mean the real stuff, not just TV space westerns. Star Trek is quite socialist, once you start looking at it. At least there are some good alternatives out there now.

So often, Sci-Fi envisions a one world government. But there are no guarentees that any government will be benign to its own citizens. And imagine, a govenment with no terrestrial enemies other than its citizens. Anything that powerful would not be uncorrupted, unless the people it was composed of were of an exceptional caliber and that is highly unlikely.

Even my favorite, StarGate SG-1 is very much in favor of the government protecting us from what (they have decided) we are not ready to understand. Alas

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