Tuesday, May 24, 2005

No time today

Ok, I really don't have a lot of time to blog right now, and that would not be so bad, but I won't have an opportunity until I return from my trip to see a VERY unpleasent person, my ex. Alas, these visits are necessary, so I will be on hiatus as far as my blog goes. But.... some teasers for later...

"Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer"

It doesn't just help, it helps a lot! Of course, many are moving heaven and earth just to hold the party line.

Govt. disinformation - well, we have learned to deal with it. But Brazil has shown itself to be as progressive a country as we have out there. In addition to very liberal (in a good way, no matter what your political stripe) attitude with regards to open-source software, they are releasing all UFO information and ending the secrecy.

And it seems that a small leak has developed with regards to Harry Potter - Harry is going to lose his safety net - Someone is going to die. Well, we knew that, but this will be some one that will REALLY shake him up. See MuggleNet

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