Saturday, May 07, 2005

Online dating

Online dating - nothing quite like it. Well, being LDS, as I am, (aka Mormon) I thought I would look at dating sites that focus on LDS people, as we tend to be selective, at least on that point. I have tried a number of different sites, and I thought today was a good day to try out some new ones. I have seen The best dating site for LDS singles, LDS guys, LDS girls, blah, blah blah quite a few times, so I started the application questionaire. One of the first questions was what I wanted to use this service for... meeting friends, dating, marriage, friends and intimate encounters... At about this point, I just stopped and my feeble brain attempted to process this information while I stared mindlessly and muttered, 'What?!?'. I went on. It asked me what church I was a member of. Stranger. How active was I? Frequent, Regular, and a few lines down, deacon/deaconess. WHAT THE FREAK? I have not been a deacon since I turned 14. Smoking or Non-Smoking?

Ok, at this point I think I had seen enough and I left the site. But oddly, while I can google for LDSRomances and find gazillions of ads just about everywhere, I was only able to find one person who commented 'What's up with this?'.

Afterwards, I found another equally , odd site with a number of pictures that just didn't cry out 'virtuous'. The girls in the top left, who looks like she wants to unzip her pants, does look quite fetching though.

Clueless people trying to use sex to make a buck, I guess.

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